CHEMNITZ2025 | The Thrill of Heights – Der Kick der Höhe (EN)

CHEMNITZ2025 | The Thrill of Heights – Der Kick der Höhe (EN)

Do. 04.07.2019
18:00–19:00 Uhr
Panoramarestaurant dorint
Information, Diskussion

The thrill of heights has always been present throughout mankind. The top of the pyramids was the most emblematic spot. Whit the growing of cities more rooftop buildings were transformed into a repository of machines or simply empty spaces. Today, a new wave of entrepreneurs, builders, social and environmental activists and local governments is starting to change paradigm: rooftops are excellent spaces to gain energy efficiency, to be a meeting point between neighbors, to do some gardening or simply to drink a coffee. Are you ready to start looking at your city from another perspective?


About Bruno Inácio

Bruno has a degree in Marketing and he is Postgraduate in Sociology. He´s making a thesis on Happiness. He is the head of the cultural department of the Municipality of Faro (a small town in the Algarve region, in the South of Portugal) and is responsible for the bidding team on Faro running for European Capital of Culture 2027. He coordinates the "Açoteia - Faro Rooftop Festival "and is one of the driving forces behind a network of European cities with rooftop festivals or public policies for the development of rooftops. He was distinguished in the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Rooftop Festival) has 2019 DakHeld (Rooftop Hero).


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